Detailed Program Schedule

Tuesday, June 7

7:00 AM Light, Healthy New England Breakfast

Campus Center Blue wall

7:00 AM Registration

Campus Center Auditorium

8:00 AM General Session IX

Campus Center Auditorium

Serving meat that was produced without antibiotics: why it matters
Dr. Price will discuss how antibiotics in livestock production contribute to antibiotic-resistant infections in people and the role of superchefs in fighting superbugs!

Speaker: Lance Price PhD (Professor, Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University; Director, Antibiotic Resistance Action Center, Washington DC)

8:30 AM General Session XI

Campus Center Auditorium

Show Your Love:  Food, social responsibility and keeping it clean (your ingredients that is)
Student diners expect more and more of their relationship with food and culinary professionals. They want to be served an ever-growing array of delicious flavors, and food that is good for them and good for the planet. They’re now also asking us to “keep it clean” when choosing the ingredients in our recipes and menus. Arlin Wasserman’s session will help us understand what it means and what matters to be socially responsible when serving healthy, sustainable and delicious food — including best practices you can use in your operations.

Speaker: Arlin Wasserman (Founder and Principal of Changing Tastes, Gaithersburg, MD)

9:00 AM Industry Presentations

Campus Center Auditorium

Avocados from Mexico; Ventura Foods

9:15 AM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

9:25 AM Culinary Demonstrations III

Campus Center Auditorium

Wheat noodles
Chef: Alexander Ong (Chef Consultant, San Francisco, CA)

Healthy Indian Cooking
Chef: Suvir Saran (Chef, Cookbook Author, Educator, and Farmer, Hebron New York)

Klua Gling (Southern Thai style seasoned meat curry)
“Klua Gling” is one of the spiciest signature dishes from Southern Thai cuisine and is quickly becoming a favorite on Thai menus across the United States.  It is a dry meat curry dish which is very flavorful and healthy.  This dish is a good example of the medicinal value of the fresh herbs and spices used in Thai cuisine.

Chef: Chai Siriyarn (Chef-Owner of Marnee Thai Restaurant, San Francisco, CA)

10:45 AM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

10:55 AM General Session XII

Campus Center Auditorium

The benefits of sustainably caught fish
Kefalonia Fisheries, SA, located on the largest of the Ionian Islands (between Greece and Italy) was founded in 1981 with a vision of safeguarding the traditional way of life of the fishermen of the island through aquaculture. The company established the first farm in Europe for the production of Mediterranean Sea Bass and Sea Bream and today ships these species internationally. Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Greece, Yukiko Krontira is also a research scholar in aquaculture and fisheries.

Speaker: Yukiko Krontira (Marketing Manager, Kefalonia Fisheries S.A, Greece)

11:05 AM Industry Presentations

Campus Center Auditorium

Bake’n Joy Foods; Performance Food Group

11:25 AM General Session XI

Campus Center Auditorium

Common Ground: Found
“Even the experts don’t agree on what a ‘healthy diet’ is.” Or do they? Nutrition non-profit Oldways organized an ambitious project to find out. We gathered 20 of the world’s top nutrition scientists and medical experts in one room, shut the door, and asked them to reach consensus on what constitutes healthy eating. Although their research ranged from Paleo to Vegan, and low-fat to Mediterranean, the group agreed on 11 points of consensus to guide those eager to know what’s good for us – and good for the planet. Cynthia Harriman’s presentation will share highlights of the debate and conclusions from this remarkable event along with Oldways’ practical tools for putting Common Ground into practice.

Speaker: Cynthia Harriman (Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies, Oldways)

11:55 AM Industry Presentations

Campus Center Auditorium

Libbey; Meat & Livestock Australia; Gordon Food Service

12:10 PM General Session XIV

Campus Center Auditorium

Wholesome & Healthy: The Best in Commercial Dining
Opportunities to find a healthy meal in commercial restaurants are on the rise, and in a variety of ways. Some Chefs seek to increase the wholesomeness of dishes, focusing on ingredient quality and clean labeling rather than strict calorie counts, while others are elevating lighter fare and meatless dishes with creative new flavors.Based on his most recent street-level research of new restaurants in major U.S. cities, Chef Gerry will highlight creative new menus that satisfy the rising demand for healthier options in commercial dining, with insights on the foods and flavors that will provide the next wave of opportunity for campus dining menus.

Speaker: Chef Gerry Ludwig, CEC (Corporate Consulting Chef, Culinary R&D, Gordon Food Service)

12:45 PM Industry Reception/Lunch

Campus Center Blue Wall

2:30 PM Workshops

Hampshire Dining Commons

Food as Medicine – A Living Tradition in the Greek Kitchen
It was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who first said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In the Greek kitchen, empiric knowledge of the therapeutic and nutritional value of foods, especially plant-based and wild foods, is widespread and passed down from generation to generation to this day. In this presentation and demo, Chef Diane Kochilas will show a few such “therapeutic” but delicious dishes and discuss some of the everyday ingredients that Greeks use as a salve for ailments as far-ranging as headaches to arthritis.

Chef: Diane Kochilas (TV host, Author, Collaborator, Athens, Greece)

Healthy Cooking with Simple Ingredients and Herbs
Chef: Jehangir Mehta (Chef/Owner Graffiti, Me & You, and Mehtaphor, New York, NY)

The Real California Cuisine
In this workshop, we will explore how different cultures from around the world have contributed to the variety of cuisines in California, and how these cuisines have crossed flavors and influences into the flavorful and fun “California Cuisine!” This is not “Fusion Cuisine” but rather, a natural blend that has evolved over time, through racial and cultural integration, and by chefs’ interpretations of their own culinary heritage, utilizing the year-round bounty of arguably the best produce in the world. Our exploration will consider the guidelines set forth by the Menus of Change (consuming less red meat and focusing more on plant based sources), and the role technology plays in the resurgence of micro herbs, hydroponic greens and lettuces. Join with Chef Alex to weave together a culturally diverse menu and learn to create a meal that is steeped in the tradition of California, from utilizing technology- driven produce, to his interpretation of Chinese stir fries with an approach celebrating the bounty of local vegetables.

Chef: Alexander Ong (Chef Consultant, San Francisco, CA)

Artichoke Hearts & Broccoli Crowns: A Decade of Favorite Plant Forward Recipes
To address this year’s “Food is Love” theme, Chef Steve Petusevsky dug through recipe archives from various meaningful periods of his life and career to find some of his all-time favorites dating back to before he attended the CIA. Each recipe represents a period of memorable food experiences. They are authentic recipes from around the globe that he has gathered from his life abroad in Europe, from friends he has cooked with, and from his travels to SE Asia and the Mediterranean. Several of the recipes are from a recently-unlocked suitcase containing his mother’s treasured recipes dating back 60 years. He hopes you enjoy preparing them as much as he does and genuinely wishes that they become family favorites for your loved ones and guests.         

Chef: Steve Petusevsky (Chef and Culinary Innovator, Plantation, Florida)

Veg up your Tapas
Appetizer-size foods made with Latin ingredients and fiery flavors for today’s millennials — and other generations to come!

Chef: Roberto Santibanez (Owner of Fonda Restaurants New York, NY)

Healthy Indian Cooking
Chef: Suvir Saran (Chef, Cookbook Author, Educator, and Farmer, Hebron New York)

Healthy flavors of Thailand
In this workshop, learn how to make some of Thai cuisine’s most popular and healthy dishes that call for fresh herbs and spices.  The medicinal properties of the herbs and spices in these dishes have been proven to fight cancer and are beneficial to health.  Learn how to make a complete traditional Thai meal from appetizer, soup, stir-fry, curry and dessert.  These recipes are easy to scale up for large-volume applications.  

Chef: Chai Siriyarn (Chef-Owner of Marnee Thai Restaurant, San Francisco, CA)

For the Love of Chez Panisse
Chef Joanne Weir writes: “I left the legendary Chez Panisse in 1990 after cooking there for 5 years.  I continue to go back and cook in the kitchen from time to time which is why I will always be considered a part of la famille Panisse (“a Chez Panisse family member”).  The restaurant was so influential on my life choices and career that I devoted two chapters to it in my new food memoir, Kitchen Gypsy: Recipes and Stories from a Lifelong Romance with Food — of which Alice Waters (the conference Keynote Speaker) wrote the foreword.  Growing up in a food family, the love of good, fresh, seasonal, sustainable and organic food was instilled, and my five year tenure at Chez Panisse nurtured that love.  For these reasons I’ve decided to devote my workshop to recipes from Chez Panisse.”

Chef: Joanne Weir (Chef, Television Personality, Cookbook Author, San Francisco, CA)

Comfort Food That’s Good and Good for You
Southern food enjoys a reputation for down-home comfort — and food that’s not so good for you. In this hands on workshop chef and cookbook author Virginia Willis shares recipes from her James Beard award-winning cookbook Lighten Up, Y’all of dishes that are good and good for you.

Chef: Virginia Willis (Chef and Cookbook Author, Atlanta, Georgia)

Old School Authenticity; New World Dining
Giving a profitable twist to old-school meal solutions, Chef Charlie Baggs will prepare classic dishes with rich flavors, and then present them in a new-world dining format that drives profitability, consumer satisfaction and quality of products.

Chef: Charlie Baggs (Chief Executive Chef and Founder of Charlie Baggs Culinary  Innovations, Chicago, IL)

Unlock the Nutrition and Flavor of Traditional Bread Baking
Chef Luminita Cirstea will offer an array of tips, hints, and good choice options for baking healthy and flavorful breads. Her topics will include sourcing and on-site milling of local grains (to adjust the fineness and consistency of the flour towards a variety of textures in the final product);using ingredients that influence flavor and nutrition (such as blue corn in place of the ubiquitous yellow, or using spelt in lieu of common wheat); use of traditional methods (such as sourdough technology) to produce products that are more nutritious, flavorful, and have a longer shelf life; and key marketing strategies for today’s food economy.

Chef: Luminita Cirstea (Associate Instructor, Johnson & Wales University)

Reduced-Sugar Plated Desserts
Plated desserts are more common in restaurants and resorts, however, many of the theories, thought processes, techniques, and strategies that are used to develop successful plated methods can be applied to just about any dessert. This workshop will use the guidelines for healthier desserts as a framework for production, where original desserts are healthier than traditional ones by modifying formulas that focus on reducing the use of sugars and refined grains. The emphasis will be on incorporating health-benefit ingredients such as spices, seeds, and teas. Advanced pastry techniques will be introduced as a means of producing desserts in line with current industry trends.

Chef: Stacy Mirabello (Instructor, Johnson & Wales University)

6:30 PM Cutthroat Finale (with Chef Jet Tila and 4 contestants)

Campus Center Blue Wall

This is the exciting concluding round of our high adrenaline chef-off. The format of this competition is modeled after two popular Food Network television series.  Much like the format of “Chopped,” four competing chefs are challenged to transform a mystery basket of four ingredients into an entrée dish with minimal time to plan and execute.  Dishes will be judged on creativity, presentation and taste.  Similar to “Cutthroat Kitchen,” the competitors each start with $1000 Chef Dollars at the beginning of the round; through auctions, they each can purchase opportunities to sabotage the others to benefit themselves.

7:00 PM New England Clambake

Campus Center Blue Wall

A conference favorite and one you won’t want to miss. Enjoy a New England summer tradition featuring fresh lobsters, chowder, steak, local strawberry shortcake and live music.

9:00 PM UMass Pub

Campus Center 2nd Floor

Enjoy, relax, and network. A light reception with beverages will be provided.