Detailed Program Schedule

Monday, June 6

7:00 AM Light, Healthy New England Breakfast

Campus Center Blue wall

7:00 AM Registration

Campus Center Auditorium

8:00 AM Welcome and Introduction

Campus Center Auditorium

Speaker: Ken Toong (Executive Director, Auxiliary Enterprises, UMass, Amherst)

8:10 AM General Session VI

Campus Center Auditorium

Knowing What to Eat, Refusing to Swallow it
Dr. David Katz will address the profound implications of diet for the health of people and planet alike; what we know, how we know it, and how long.  He will argue that with so much at stake, all food and nutritional professionals must now come together to advocate for food that is not only good, but good for health, and good for the environment.  “If we do otherwise, we are mortgaging our children’s future to play for our indulgences today.”  He will also make clear that, “despite all the noise to the contrary, we certainly can say what dietary pattern is best for health.”

Speaker: David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM (Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center, Griffin Hospital, Hamden, CT)

8:50 AM General Session VII

Campus Center Auditorium

Menus of Change: Global Imperatives, Culinary Strategies, and High-Volume Foodservice
The Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health launched “Menus of Change” to provide an evidence-based platform for transformation within the foodservice industry, integrating long-term nutrition, public health and sustainability imperatives within a context that emphasizes culinary insight and business innovation. This session will explore critical priorities for leadership and practical strategies that leverage our world culinary heritage.

Speaker: Greg Dresher (Vice President – Strategic Initiatives & Industry Leadership,
The Culinary Institute of America Napa, CA)

9:20 AM Industry Presentations

Campus Center Auditorium

Bush Brothers and Company; Dannon Foodservice; Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

9:50 AM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

10:00 AM Culinary Demonstrations II

Campus Center Auditorium

Broken Black Rice: Enhancing Southeast Asian Classics with Whole Grains
The Asian kitchen is filled with wonderful whole grains that traditionally were used to extend the more expensive polished white rice.  In this demo, Chef Mai Pham of the renowned Star Ginger and Lemon Grass Restaurants in Sacramento, CA shares how operators can take contemporary favorites such as Asian rice bowls, stir fries and even salads and transform them into tasty meals that pay tribute to both tradition as well as today’s quest for nutrient dense and healthful foods.

Chef: Mai Pham (Chef/Owner, Lemon Grass Restaurant and Star Ginger, Sacramento, CA)

Demo Lede
Chef Steve Petusevsky recently uncovered an unlocked suitcase with his mother’s treasured recipes dating back 60 years. Chef Steve’s first demo/workshop of the conference will feature Stuffed Peppers with Rhubarb and Walnuts, an authentic preparation originating from Odessa on the Black Sea, that was his Russian grandmother’s family recipe — a generationally passed-down favorite. This dish is healthy and comforting, and showcases readily available functional ingredients from a remote part of the world, which can be totally operationalized for modern food service. This recipe truly exemplifies this year’s conference theme, and offers a unique flavor profile not typically seen in North America.

Chef: Steve Petusevsky (Chef and Culinary Innovator, Plantation, Florida)

Veg up your Tapas
Appetizer size foods made with Latin ingredients and fiery flavors for milenials and and other generations to come.

Chef: Roberto Santibanez (Owner of Fonda Restaurants New York, NY)

Healthy Cooking with Simple Ingredients and Herbs

Chef: Jehangir Mehta (Chef/Owner Graffiti, Me & You, and Mehtaphor, New York, NY)

11:30 AM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

11:40 AM General Session VII

Campus Center Auditorium

Future Fresh
It doesn’t make sense to segment the market by “consumers,” “shoppers,” and “diners.” You have to think “eater,” and recognize that eaters know the many ways to access good food from our interconnected, global and hyper-local food systems. Today, the search for “what to eat?” starts in the palm of the hand with apps that connect the eater to fresh food at the touch of a button. Eaters are choosing from a vast spectrum of DIY at-home, to delivery and full-service fresh food options, based on how much time and cooking involvement they want to have. How do we make sense of such a food culture that is characterized by radical fragmentation and customization? Ride the wave of this “New American Food Culture” by spotting emerging rituals and technologies that enable eaters to pursue fresh, flavorful and soulful food.

Speaker: June Jo Lee (Co-Founder, Readers to Eaters, Bellevue, WA)

12:10 PM General Session IX

Campus Center Auditorium

(Unfounded) Protein Obsession – and the Protein Flip
Professor Christopher Gardner has been a nutrition scientist at Stanford for more than 20 years, and a vegetarian for more than 30 years. For most of the last 20 years he has primarily been a researcher trying to design, conduct and publish human nutrition studies to address controversies, resolve questions, and lead people to eat better and enjoy better health. At this point in his career he believe the two most impactful dietary changes that could and should be made are: 1) eat less packaged/processed foods, and more whole foods, and 2) eat a more plant-based, and less animal-based diet. Of these two, the latter seems to bring up a lot of general confusion about meat and how much we should or could eat. Don’t we need meat for protein? Isn’t protein missing from plant foods or at least not of the same quality as animal protein? What about high protein for satiety, or muscle building? What about minimal vs. optimal protein consumption? With an engaging blend of science and humor, Dr. Gardner will address these common questions while trying to balance great taste, optimal health, and environmental sustainability.

Speaker: Christopher Gardner (Professor of Medicine at Stanford)

12:40 PM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

12:50 PM Keynote Presentation

Campus Center Auditorium

A Conversation with Alice Waters
Alice Waters is a chef, author, food activist and the founder and owner of world-renowned Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, California. Most notably, she has been a champion of local, sustainable agriculture for over four decades. Author of fifteen books, she has won numerous awards for her commitment to a healthy and sustainable food future including the 2014 National Humanities Medal by President Obama. Join us for an intimate conversation with Alice Waters, moderated by Joanne Weir, as we explore the importance of sustainable food production, with a focus on what we eat and why it matters.

Speaker: Alice Waters
Moderator: Joanne Weir

1:30 PM Lunch

Campus Center Bluewall

2:30 PM Workshops

Hampshire Dining Commons

Healthy Delicious Cooking
Chef: Christopher Coombs (Chef and Restaurateur, Boston, MA)

Healthy Cooking with Simple Ingredients and Herbs
Chef: Jehangir Mehta (Chef/Owner Graffiti, Me & You, and Mehtaphor, New York, NY)

The Real California Cuisine
In this workshop, we will explore how different cultures from around the world have contributed to the variety of cuisines in California, and how these cuisines have crossed flavors and influences into the flavorful and fun “California Cuisine!” This is not “Fusion Cuisine” but rather, a natural blend that evolved over time, through racial and cultural integration, and by chefs’ interpretations of their own culinary heritage, utilizing the year-round bounty of arguably the best produce in the world. Our exploration will consider the guidelines set forth by the Menus of Change (consuming less red meats and focusing more on plant based sources), and the role technology plays in the resurgence of micro herbs, hydroponic greens and lettuces. Join with Chef Alex to weave together a culturally diverse menu, and learn to create a meal that is steeped in the tradition of California, from utilizing technology- driven produce, to his interpretation of Chinese stir fries with an approach celebrating the bounty of local vegetables.

Chef: Alexander Ong (Chef Consultant, San Francisco, CA)

Artichoke Hearts & Broccoli Crowns: A Decade of Favorite Plant Forward Recipes
To address this year’s “Food is Love” theme, Chef Steve Petusevsky dug through recipe archives from various meaningful periods of his life and career to find some of his all-time favorites dating back to before he attended the CIA. Each recipe represents a period of memorable food experiences. They are authentic recipes from around the globe that he has gathered from his life abroad in Europe, from friends he has cooked with, and from his travels to SE Asia and the Mediterranean. Several of the recipes are from a recently-unlocked suitcase containing his mother’s treasured recipes dating back 60 years. He hopes you enjoy preparing them as much as he does and genuinely wishes that they become family favorites for your loved ones and guests.

Chef: Steve Petusevsky (Chef and Culinary Innovator, Plantation, Florida)

Whole Grains and the Southeast Asian Kitchen
From banh xeo or Sizzling Rice Flour Crepes to com tam thit nuong or Broken Rice with Pork, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine continue to intrigue student diners.  Join Chef Mai Pham, whose Star Ginger concept serves UMASS and as well as over 15 campus locations nationwide, for an informative and fun workshop. Many of Chef Pham’s favorite recipes originated from street vendors she cooked with throughout Asia and are packed with flavor and tried and true techniques.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to cook with her.

Chef: Mai Pham (Chef/Owner, Lemon Grass Restaurant and Star Ginger, Sacramento, CA)

Veg up your Tapas
Appetizer size foods made with Latin ingredients and fiery flavors for milenials and and other generations to come.

Chef: Roberto Santibanez (Owner of Fonda Restaurants New York, NY)

Healthy Indian Cooking
Chef: Suvir Saran (Chef, Cookbook Author, Educator, and Farmer, Hebron New York)

Seagreens and Seafoods: New Flavors in Familiar Preparations.
New Flavors in Familiar Preparations. Integrating underutilized species and nutritious seagreens into easy to prepare (and sell) dishes.

Chef: Barton Seaver (Director, Healthy and Sustainable Food Program, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard School of Public Health, Freeport, ME)

Healthy flavors of Thailand
In this workshop, learn how to make some of Thai cuisine’s most popular and healthy dishes that call for fresh herbs and spices.  The medicinal properties of the herbs and spices in these dishes have been proven to fight cancer and are beneficial to health.  Learn how to make a complete traditional Thai meal from appetizer, soup, stir-fry, curry and dessert.  These recipes are easy to scale and can be used for large applications as well.

Chef: Chai Siriyarn (Chef-Owner of Marnee Thai Restaurant, San Francisco, CA)

Comfort Food That’s Good and Good for You
Southern food enjoys a reputation for down-home comfort — and food that’s not so good for you. In this hands on workshop chef and cookbook author Virginia Willis shares recipes from her James Beard award-winning cookbook Lighten Up, Y’all of dishes that are good and good for you.

Chef: Virginia Willis (Chef and Cookbook Author, Atlanta, Georgia)

1/3 Food, 1/3 Water, 1/3 Air – 7000 Years of Food as a Healing Art for preventing disease, preserving health and promoting longevity
In this hands-on cooking workshop we will focus on what it truly means to create a balance meal using Asian food principles.

Chef: Corinne Trang (Chef, Consultant and Author, New York, NY)           

Old School Authenticity New World Dining
Giving a profitable twist to old-school meal solutions, Chef Charlie Baggs will prepare classic dishes with rich flavors, and then present them in a new-world dining format that drives profitability, consumer satisfaction and quality of products.

Chef: Charlie Baggs (Chief Executive Chef and founder of Charlie Baggs Culinary  Innovations, Chicago, IL)

7:00 PM Cutthroat Event II and Reception

Campus Center 11th Floor

Here’s Round II of our high adrenaline chef-off event! The format of this competition is modeled after two popular Food Network television series.  Much like the format of “Chopped,” four competing chefs are challenged to transform a mystery basket of four ingredients into an entrée dish with minimal time to plan and execute.  Dishes will be judged on creativity, presentation and taste.  Similar to “Cutthroat Kitchen,” the competitors each start with $1000 Chef Dollars at the beginning of the round; through auctions, they each can purchase opportunities to sabotage the others to benefit themselves. While watching the competition, you can taste the dishes that guest chefs demonstrated and prepared earlier in the afternoon.

8:30 PM UMass Pub

Campus Center 2nd Floor

Enjoy, relax, and network. A light reception with beverages will be provided.