Jeremy MorganJeremy Morgan, Executive Chef, has been with CSU’s Residential Dining Services since June 2013. Prior to joining CSU, Morgan attended the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon and worked as an artisan baker. Growing up in an isolated area of rural Illinois, Chef Morgan learned the importance of self-sufficiency from his family who supplemented a large portion of their diet with home-grown produce. He now grows, cooks, and preserves vegetables from his own personal garden.

Inspired by Julia Child at a young age, Chef Morgan has fond memories of watching her on TV and replicating her dishes with his sister. He yearns to know the secrets of the hand-spun Chinese noodle, and would love to learn to spin his own. Though appreciative of his previous exotic dining experiences such as eating sushi in Hawaii and roasted marrow bone in Aix en Provence, Chef Morgan would give practically anything to go back in time to be able to enjoy his grandmother’s delicious apple pie served with a slice of cheese.