Cynthia HarrimanCynthia Harriman is Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies for Oldways, the Boston-based food and nutrition education nonprofit known for creating the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, the Whole Grain Stamp, “A Taste of African Heritage” cooking curriculum, and other innovative and effective public health tools.  In her thirteen years at Oldways, she has been instrumental in helping the Whole Grain Stamp become a trusted packaging symbol that helps consumers identify more than 10,000 whole grain products in 55 countries, while also contributing to the creation of online and print materials for consumers and health professionals. A graduate of Brown University, Cynthia is the author of scores of national magazine articles and five books, including “Take Your Kids to Europe” and her most recent book, “Good Eats: Quick and Easy Food for Busy College Students.”  She frequently comments on nutrition topics in the national press as an Oldways spokesperson, and has spoken about food and nutrition around the world, from Beijing and Mexico City to Helsinki, Madrid, Paris, Vienna and Copenhagen.